Launching of a Notting Hill Carnival Costume Collection

We are super proud to present FLUTURE for Notting Hill Carnival 2018.
The photos included here are by UKSocaScene who have captured the event in its entirety. There will be many more photos as we have many photographers to thank for coming and supporting us – both from the carnival world and from the fashion world. Our phones have been lit up since yesterday with many wonderful messages of support from other bands, peers, designers, masqueraders from around the world, our own loyals, friends, family and everyone in between. We have been simply overwhelmed!

This presentation is a stark attempt to move away from feathers and to attempt using other creative methods to tell our story. Some things work, some don’t but we try anyway. Whilst we didn’t completely pull away ( as some of you are still in love with the fedders, we tried using it as an enhancer rather than a focal point). One of the best things about this presentation is we created our own unique fabric for a few of the key pieces. This is because we also didn’t want to use fabric that others were using so we went out and made our own. When we had the presentation in its complete form set up and was performing our own costume critique, we knew we were happy with it when we could NOT decide which was the favourite. Douglas and I do these costumes as a complete joint effort. We talk it through to death, bounce off each other, find new things to use or old things in a new way and we plough on trying to make some of the impossible dreams we have come true. There is no other carnival designer on the planet that has the work ethic, the passion, commitment, the genius as this man. Plus he rarely tells me no. I get a wtf, but never a full no . A true and complete professional. Able to put away biases, to LISTEN, to understand the background of the maze that is my mind, the things that drive and excite me and the things that don’t. Douglas John – our friendship and partnership is a true one that far surpasses basic human relations. You are my dream maker.

It has taken me all morning to get this far. So long post will be split in two.

My team and I thank you for your support and for choosing us as your Notting Hill Carnival experience!

See the Launch video below