About Bacchanalia Masband

Bacchanalia was incepted in 2005 as a fun mas carnival group and the main objective of the group was to bring family and friends together. A motto that we still stand by and implement to this day.

2010 saw the band re-launch itself as a full-service costume band, dedicated to bringing its masqueraders a carnival experience unlike any other. The band is and will remain, a small/medium sized carnival group with extravagant costumes, premium gold star service and an overall superior experience.

We aim to deliver the most exciting and well-executed carnival package to all our masqueraders. We are looking to revolutionise the way carnival is viewed in the UK by introducing innovative new concepts to our masqueraders and open our doors to everyone and anyone wishing to learn and be part of the experience.

Bacchanalia is about a journey – from learning about where carnival comes from, who the mas men behind the scenes are and what goes into a carnival production. Carnival has evolved considerably from its inception in the late 1700’s – taking in world influences and celebrated spectacularly in several countires around the world such as Brazil, Trinidad, United Kingdom, Canada…and is a cultural festival for all to enjoy and be a part of.

It truly is ‘The Greatest Show on Earth!’.
Come be a part of something special!