GDPR Compliance/Data Processing Agreement:

  • – Bacchanalia Masband uses cookies to anonymously tracks users progress on its website. At no point is this data stored on our servers nor can be accessed. Cookies can be disabled, please use the Help section in your respective browser.
  • – Bacchanalia Masband does not share your Data with any third parties.
  • – Bacchanalia Masband may use your Data to detect and prevent Fraud.
  • – Bacchanalia Masband may use your Data to inform you of upcoming details about your purchase.
  • – Bacchanalia Masband does not store or process any financial data on our servers.
  • – Access to your Data is restricted and permission to access your data is given to employees on a need only basis.
  • – Your Data might/will be used to confirm your access in correspondence with Bacchanalia Masband to modify your order.
  • – You can at anytime contact us and request a copy or deletion of all the data we have for you. Just use the contact us page.

Payment and Refund Policy:

  • – All Payments should be completed by July 28th.
  • – Your First Month payment is taken as a promise to fully complete payment of your costume and is non refundable.
  • – Payments will be taken from your account 30/31 days after your initial payment (unless paid in full).It is your responsibility to ensure your account has adequate funds available for this payment. Bacchanalia Masband would not be responsible for any overdraft fees you may incur.
  • – Any missed Payments will result in an immediate halt to the creation of your costume, please contact us ASAP if this happens.
  • – Your costume is made based on the information you have given on your order, Please review your order carefully. If you made an error on your order please contact us before payment completion. An Error will void any refund claims.
  • – Bacchanalia Masband does not process or store any of your financial data.